Merry Christmas!

As we’re in the Christmas week, let me take a pause and say Merry Christmas everyone! Thanks for supporting and reading about the standing sushi bar experience.


Standing Sushi Bar at Marina Bay Link Mall

And then there were three.

What’s that? How did that happen? I kind of don’t know… it’s as if this third branch of Standing Sushi Bar snuck up behind me, scrambled up my back, then leapt to my front while yelling, “Surprise!!” and throwing confetti everywhere.

Standing Sushi Bar Marina Bay Link Mall

Standing Sushi Bar Marina Bay Link Mall

But yes, I’m very happy to announce we are open! Standing Sushi Bar at Marina Bay Link Mall is the true “sequel” to our first branch. We’re back in the fast-paced crazy Raffles Place district, serving up handmade sushi for the lunchtime (and sporadic dinner) crowds!

It’s a bigger space than our One Raffles Place location, so I’ve given in to popular demand and put in tables and chairs… of course we also have a standing counter! You can expect upcoming promotions that aimed at whether you’re choosing to stand or sit while eating.

To soothe the nerves of those working at Marina Bay Financial Centre, we have a lounge. If you’re hankering for some Japanese alcohol (beer, sake, shochu, umeshu, and Suntory whiskey), come in for a drink and a chat.

Standing Sushi Bar at Marina Bay Link Mall
8A Marina Boulevard
#B2-51 Marina Bay Link Mall
Singapore 018984
Ph: +65 6634 7068   Mon – Sun 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM (last order at 9:00 PM)

Check out the rest of the shops at Marina Bay Link Mall!

(Following up with what I wrote at the beginning – the reason why it feels like this branch just appeared out of the blue is because we only had 1 month to turn an empty concrete shell into this restaurant. The 8QSAM location was so delayed that by the time it opened we had to already start working on Marina Bay… which was hard to do when thinking about all the things that still needed (need) to be done at 8Q)


Hi all, a RMIT student is doing a project on social media experiences and habits. Standing Sushi Bar is the focus of the study. If you have 3 minutes, please help by answering this survey. Thank you!

A saying

Owning a sushi bar isn’t all fun and games.

For those difficult spots, words of encouragement are useful.

One of my best friends sent me this hilarious (yet still uplifting) message:

When obstacles arise remember the ancient sushi proverb, When the salmon swims upstream, only because he uses the rocks he passes, as markers, can he tell how far long the river he has gone.

Sushi in life

5 years old, fumbling with chopsticks pushing a California roll around the plate. The words of all mothers, “Just eat it, you will like it.” Shishkebab’d my first sushi to pick it up.

I moved to Florida, years passed, mom passed, and I didn’t eat sushi.

At university in DC I found a restaurant near Rosslyn metro stop. My first sushi buffet! What a joyous discovery. Every weekend I’d suggest eating there but the 15 dollar cost was steep for college kids. I’d go alone, bring a book, and eat sushi.

My first year in Seattle I met a girl, we hit it off, and I asked her on a date. Sushi is a good first date. A little adventurous, lightly filling, no mess!

Flying back to Singapore in a few hours. My sushi bar opens this week.

I am like a prized tuna

I have been outside for a total of 3 minutes in the past 4 days.  Outdoors time = hotel door to taxi + taxi door to office + office to taxi + taxi door to hotel.

When fishermen catch a tuna, they try to minimize the tuna’s exposure to air. It keeps the meat as fresh as possible.

In my case, I will just develop a Vitamin D deficiency.