Hana Night

Freeflow sake, shochu, and umeshu for all women every Tuesday night at Standing Sushi Bar branches located at Marina Bay Link Mall and Income at Raffles.

Salmon Madness

Salmon Madness every Monday night at all Singapore Standing Sushi Bar branches! $3 for 5 slices of salmon sashimi, $2 for a glass of sake, and $5 for beer, wine, and hot sake. (Wine and hot sake only available at 8 Queen Street).

Izakaya Hour

Every weeknight at Standing Sushi Bar Income at Raffles and Marina Bay Link Mall we offer incredible $5 Japanese food deals along with great promotions on beer and sake. Have a drink with us!

Donburi Sunday

Do you like rice bowls? Every Sunday at 8 Queen Street we offer up to 50% off our signature donburi. Enjoy Chirashi, Foie Gras Unagi, and other delicious Japanese donburi during lunch and dinner!

Sushi Roll Madness on Maki Wednesday

Few things are as fun and delicious to eat as a sushi roll! We have a great selection of maki such as the Rockstar Roll, All Salmon All the Time, Foie Sure Maki and many more waiting for you. Every Wednesday brings 50% off our sushi rolls during lunch and dinner at 8 Queen Street and dinner at our Raffles Place outlets.