Foursquare Mayor Promotion

Cause it’s good to be king…

I’ve been messing about with Foursquare recently. It’s a social networking application a la Twitter & Facebook where you connect with friends and “check in” at the location you are currently at.  It awards badges based on your check-ins.  For example I’m an “Adventurer” because I’ve checked into 10 different venues.


For each venue, the person who has checked in the most at that venue becomes the Mayor of that location. Currently I’m the Mayor of Standing Sushi Bar.

Foursquare is fun!  Being mayor is POWER!

Special mayor offer for standing sushi bar

Here’s our Foursquare promotion – if you’re the Mayor of Standing Sushi Bar, each time you come to the sushi bar you get your choice of either 2 pieces of salmon nigiri or 2 pieces of tuna nigiri for free.  That’s right, free sushi for the Mayor of Standing Sushi Bar on Foursquare.*

Salmon nigiri sushi

Have fun playing!  Let’s see who the first mayor will be.

*Limited to once per day, offer good until owner’s discretion to end it
Note – I won’t be checking in at Standing Sushi Bar else I’d always be mayor!
Doesn’t everyone love free sushi?