GroupOn, Daily Deals, and evil restaurants

Recently I took on a writing gig with ZDNet, focusing on small business and technology.  I’m pretty excited about this as I love all things tech and since leaving Microsoft this gives me great reason to stay abreast of all technology news.  (I would have done that anyway but now I can justify the bazillion hours of surfing the net by saying it’s research).

My latest entry is about the 4 waves that have occurred with restaurants utilizing daily deal (GroupOn) sites and how the current wave of restaurants are exploiting the customers.  Beware buying any daily deal for a restaurant!

GroupOn can mean bad reviews – how the current crop of restaurants lie, cheat, and steal from their customers

Have a read!

So you want to start a business?

These days it seems being an entrepreneur is “fashionable.”  With the proliferation of articles celebrating the success of app developers, internet start-ups, and flashy food trucks, it creates an impression that anyone and everyone should get out there and start their own business.

Should they?  Should you?  Should I have?

I came across two blog entries written by Jay Goltz, who is the owner of a few small businesses in Chicago.  He contributes to the small business section of the New York Times and I’ve referenced many of their contributors here before.

From 2009 – Is starting a business brave, smart, stupid, or nuts?

From 2011 – So you want to start a business?

If you’re thinking of starting a business I highly recommend you read the above entries.