Looks like I'm not the only one...

Human nature has one feeling better when one knows that other people are going through the same problems.  The Straits Times has been running a few articles about the difficulty in finding locals to work jobs in F&B.

Excerpt from the Straits Times article on August 18, 2012:

"...we are bringing in a substantial investment from outside Singapore to create three food and beverage concepts that will, in time, be distributed around the world. However, we are going to have to rethink this plan because there is a serious manpower crunch in Singapore. Manpower within this industry has always been an issue but it is certainly getting worse rather than better.

I would love to hire many Singaporeans to work in my businesses - that is, if they turn up. When advertisements are answered and interviews scheduled, the Singaporeans who put up their names for jobs do not reply. If they do reply and an interview is scheduled, they do not turn up.

If they do start work, chances are high that they will get a medical certificate and in a short time quit in search of the next best thing.

We have 17 positions available at our first restaurant which is scheduled to open in three weeks. At present, we have only three Singaporean full-time employees. The new ruling on foreign workers quota does not allow us to employ the many qualified foreigners available to do the job.

Wherever the Singaporeans looking for these jobs are, we need them to step forward now. How can we complain about service standards when there is no standard to begin with?

Lara Jay Hequet"