I could use a drink...

Tanuki has finally opened and thank goodness it's a bar since I could sure use a drink.

We're well into our soft-launch period and it's been great receiving feedback from the folks that have dropped in.  We need to tweak our menu to make a better delineation between what the Japanese items are versus the "fusion" ones and also which dishes are good for sharing and which are meant as individual entree size.

Staff is trained up, bar is stocked, the point of sale machine is finally working (on the first night it completely failed... definitely Murphy's Law), and the chefs are able to consistently execute the food items well!

So what's next... time to start beating the drums and make people aware that we exist.  We're also adding more items to the menu and gearing up to offer some lunch sets for the weekday office crowd.

Come on in, have a drink, and enjoy the holidays!