Singapore's Formula 1 Night Race

The Formula One weekend is coming to a close here in Singapore.  There's always lots of buzz around this weekend; tons of people come to town, the hotels do a booming business, and there's performances, parties, and a general lively atmosphere around the track area.

It's exciting to see the Singapore skyline and city streets receive so much attention and there's no doubt that it generates tourist interest.  The government are big proponents of F1.

However, it's not so rosy for business.  I was looking at the past Formula 1 weekends and comparing it with this weekend.  In each case, the business dropped by over 50%.  People are reluctant to come into the city centre as there are lots of road closures resulting in traffic and confusion, and also a sense that things will be too crazy around here so it's better to stay away.

Anecdotes from others indicate that I'm not the only one who feels like business is hurt by F1.

Ah well, what to do?

Maybe Katy Perry will drop by for some sushi before she jets off.  I heard she was playing tonight.