So much for social media in China

Earlier this week a re-run of the show Clickability was aired.  I was a guest on the episode talking about how I use social media to reach out to diners and interested folks for the restaurant.

I just arrived in Beijing where they have blocked access to Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare.  That makes it a little difficult to see what people are saying and whether people are sending requests my way.

Thankfully there are many ways to get around this (VPN, remote desktop, etc.) so it’s not too big of an issue but it’s definitely an unnecessary hassle.

This brings to light one big issue that small businesses need to factor in if they’re going to regularly engage with their customers via these social media channels… is only 1 person in the company able to do it?

At Standing Sushi Bar it’s only me that is handling the Facebook page, the Twitter account, etc.  I started them all because I enjoyed using these tools and talking with people.  Over time it evolved into a big part of how I get feedback as well as business inquiries.  The problem is if I don’t have access to the sites then people end up not getting responses (at least not quickly) and that can lead to dissatisfaction.

Add this to the list of “things to work on…” when we get bigger. Smile