Taipei Scouting

I’m sitting on a flight to Taipei while writing this after a sleepless night spent upgrading my laptop to Windows 8.  I guess there’s enough of a computer geek left in me that I felt compelled to install the latest operating system on my computer even though I knew it would likely cause a few issues that would keep me awake.  After all, one shouldn’t mess with the computer they’re about to take on a trip.  But yes, here I am typing happily (and tiredly) away on a PC running Windows 8 (the full version) and Office 2013 Preview.  I feel like standing up on the plane and announcing to people this momentous achievement yet I doubt anyone else will care.

Anyway, I’m off to Taiwan again and am looking forward to trying out a couple restaurants.  Whatever city I go to, I make it a point to check out what’s happening in the Japanese restaurant or raw bar scene.  In Taipei the Mitsui group (some big Japanese restaurant conglomerate) has transformed a fish market into something quite cool – it’s still a fish market for wholesalers but scattered amidst the market are various food stalls, including a raw bar and what looks to be an upscale standing sushi bar!  The restaurant is called Addiction Aquatic Development.  Taipei Times has a review of it.

(Now that I've landed and found internet connection, here are a few photos from when I went to the restaurant this afternoon - it was packed for 4:30 PM on a Sunday!  Guess the Taiwanese have no issues with standing and eating.  It makes me want to toss out all the chairs over at Marina Bay).

I’ve been on a raw oyster kick lately and after typing in the words “Taipei Oyster Bar” to Google, I didn’t get that many results back.  The main one seems to mention a place called, straightforwardly, Oyster Bar, located at the fancy schmancy Bella Vitta mall in the Xinyi area (near Taipei 101).  It seems like the restaurant is part of the food court, which is kind of an interesting place to be serving raw oysters.  Hopefully I won’t be too worn down from the flight and will navigate my way through the subway system to city hall station and find this oyster bar.

I wonder if suppliers are able to bring in oysters more easily (or at cheaper prices) to Taiwan than they are to Singapore.