It’s go time

Marketing and promotion is an area that I haven’t spent much time on. Since the beginning of Standing Sushi Bar (a little over a year ago), I’ve been focused on daily operations and simply learning about the F&B industry. Having the first branch in Raffles Place meant that I didn’t have to do too much outreach – there are so many people in the area that promotions didn’t have to span far.

The 8QSAM branch is in a radically different situation. While I love the Bras Basah neighborhood (I’m a long-time resident), there are lots of people who have no idea this area exists… even though it’s just a couple blocks from City Hall MRT! For the past few years it seemed like a no-man’s land. While it was a central location there was nothing that drew a critical mass of people.

Earlier this year I noticed a lot more activity – the old Catholic High building underwent renovation and has become an arts & dance enclave, the Food for Thought café (hi neighbor!) opened up at 8QSAM, and Bras Basah MRT station began operating. CNNGO talks about the transformation of the area.

I feel SSB at 8Q has opened up as the neighborhood is on the cusp of becoming a destination location.

On the cusp, full of potential, etc. – all great… but potential and the future do not count for nuts when it comes to the present.

Standing Sushi Bar also opened (2 weeks ago) at Marina Bay Link Mall. Great location, again full of potential. When the office towers are complete and everyone has moved in, there are supposed to be more workers there than Suntec City. That’s a huge, captive lunch crowd waiting to be fed good sushi!

But… people are just beginning to move into Marina Bay Financial Centre. Essentially it’s a bunch of empty futuristic-looking glass skyscrapers waiting for the thrum of human activity to commence.

Now that these branches are open, it’s time to shift gears and think about how to spread the word of Standing Sushi Bar. Promote! Promote! Promote!  I have to get into that mindset.

1 for 1 salmon sushi Saturday at One Raffles Place

I feel like a bad parent. With the opening of Standing Sushi Bar at 8 Queen Street and Marina Bay Link Mall, I can hear our OUB Centre (now christened One Raffles Place) branch saying, “Hey! Over here! I miss you!”

To show a little love for the original location, we’re having a 1 for 1 salmon promotion on Saturdays.

1 for 1 on the following salmon items:

  • Salmon nigiri / salmon belly nigiri
  • Salmon maki / salmon belly maki
  • Salmon temaki / salmon belly temaki
  • Salmon donburi / salmon belly donburi
  • Salmon skin donburi

Standing Sushi Bar
1 Raffles Place
B2-02B One Raffles Place
Singapore 048616
Ph: +65 6533 7078

Open Mon – Fri 11:30 AM – 9:00 PM, Saturday 11:30 AM – 4:00 PM

If this goes well then I’ll see if we can do it at the other branches too. Everyone loves salmon, after all!