Staffing a new office

This is turning into a familiar occurrence; seems like the only time that I sit down and update the blog is when I’m in transit.  Currently en route from London to New York City.  After the 12.5 hour flight from Singapore to London, I feel pretty wiped out.  9 more hours to get to New York. I can’t wait to get into bed. Got a room via, and since my past two experiences with them were pretty good I’m confident it will be a pleasant setup.

From August 2009 until April this year, I’ve been running the Standing Sushi Bar “office” as a one man show.  I use office liberally as it was a home office and intermixed along all the papers and statements were my three cats tearing through it all.  With the growth of the restaurants it wasn’t feasible to keep running things from home, so I got a small space at GSM Building.  I’m glad I spent slightly more for a room with a window.

My first office hire was one of our service crew members that had been working with us for over 2 years.  She was looking for a switch and I thought why not join the office?  So she’s doing a jack-of-all-trades position, you could say administration and a bit of human resources.  The second hire was referred by a friend and is focused on building up our franchise offering.  I forget what we used to say it in the corporate world… basically creating something so that people can replicate it “out of the box.”  (Different from thinking out of the box).

What kind of roles do you think would be critical to fill right at the start?  Assuming there was only you at the beginning, what role would you have hired next to work in the office?