On martinis and 2013

It's funny to think the strongest martinis I've had in a year have been from a sushi bar. We just launched a happy hour at the Standing Sushi Bar Marina Bay Link Mall branch so  being a good owner (read: food and drink sampler) I went down there to see how things went. 3 drinks later I was in bed before midnight, which never happens, and now am awake at 4+ in the morning.

So martinis in a sushi bar underground in a business district shopping mall. Is this something that is actually going to work? Will people come to drink? Who knows, but since the core business at Raffles Place and the financial centre is all during the weekday lunchtime, it allows us to do whatever the heck we want during the evening service.

Standing Sushi Bar Marina Bay Financial Centre happy hour

The start of the year has been interesting; perhaps full of a "I'm going to do what I want to do" spirit. In the past I think I worried about whether the staff were agreeable to my decisions, but these days as long as I "own the decision" then I'm comfortable plowing forward. Maybe it's a checks and balances thing with the staff being cautious while I lean towards recklessness.

Anyway, on to other matters! Tanuki Raw has been getting a fair bit of attention, which is pretty awesome. "Build it and they will come," as the line goes in Field of Dreams. Though it's more like, "Give them oysters and martinis and they will come."

Tanuki Raw interior at Orchard Central

The balcony over Orchard Road at Tanuki Raw